Adding annotations

Annotations can be added to a sequence from the graphical view or the Annotation Table view.

Graphical view Select the region you want the annotation to cover, right-click on the selected region, and choose the option Add Annotation (Image add_annotation_16_n_p) from the menu.

See Selecting parts of the sequence on how to make selections that are not contiguous.

Annotation Table view Right-click anywhere in this view and select the option Add Annotation (Image add_annotation_16_n_p) from the menu. (Note that this option is not enabled in sequence lists.)

In both cases, a dialog opens where you can provide information about the annotation (figure 15.19).

Image add_annotation
Figure 15.19: The Add annotation dialog.

The left-hand part of the dialog lists a number of Annotation types. When you have selected an annotation type, it appears in Type to the right. You can also select an annotation directly in this list. Choosing an annotation type is mandatory. If you wish to use an annotation type which is not present in the list, simply enter this type into the Type field 15.1.

The right-hand part of the dialog contains the following text fields:

Click OK to add the annotation.

Note! The annotation will be included if you export the sequence in GenBank, Swiss-Prot or CLC format. When exporting in other formats, annotations are not preserved in the exported file.


... field15.1
Note that your own annotation types will be converted to "unsure" when exporting in GenBank format. As long as you use the sequence in CLC format, you own annotation type will be preserved