Extract IsomiR Counts

The Extract IsomiR Counts takes as input "grouped on mature" expression table, output by the Quantify miRNA tool. It extracts IsomiR composition and count information from each underlying miRNA alignment and produces a table containing this information.

If only a subset of miRNAs are of interest, we recommend creating a sample containing only the those prior to running this tool. To do this, open the expression table, select the miRNAs of interest, and click on the Create Sample from Selection (Image expression_experiment_subset) button.

To run Extract IsomiR Counts, go to:

        Toolbox | RNA-Seq and Small RNA Analysis (Image rna_seq_group_closed_16_n_p)| miRNA Analysis (Image mirna_tools_folde_open_16_n_p) | Extract IsomiR Counts (Image extract_isomirs_16_n_p)

Select a "grouped on mature" expression table as input. Information from all miRNAs in this table will be extracted.

Extract IsomiR Counts output

Extract IsomiR Counts outputs a table with four columns: