Handling of UniProt search results

The results table

By default, the first 50 entries found in UniProtKB that met all the search conditions are returned in the results table. Clicking on the More... button at the bottom right loads further results.

The default value of 50 can be changed. See Preferences for details.

For each entry, the following information is provided:

The columns displayed can be customized using in the side panel settings. See section View preference style sheet for details.

If you wish to open webpages for several entries at once, highlight the rows of interest and click on the Open at UniProt button.

Downloading results from UniprotKB

Entries from UniprotKB can be downloaded and saved, or downloaded and opened, directly in the viewing area. When opened directly, the entries are not saved until you take explicit action to do so (see Save changes in a view).

Downloading many large files may take some time. The download process can be stopped from under the Processes tab (see Processes tab and Status bar).

To download and save entries, select the rows of interest and then do one of the following:

The selected entries are downloaded from UniprotKB. Multiple entries selected at the same time are saved to a single protein sequence list.

To download and open entries directly in the viewing area, select the rows of interest and then do one of the following:

Double-clicking on a single row will download and open that entry.