Data sharing information

The same underlying folder, for example on a network drive, can be added as a CLC data location in multiple Workbenches. This allows data to be easily shared. However, it is important to note that data sharing is not actively supported. Specifically:

If you decide to share data via Workbenches this way, it is vital that when adding a CLC location already used by other Workbenches as a CLC location, the exact same folder in the file system hierarchy as the other Workbenches have used is the one selected to add as a location. Indicating a folder higher up or lower down in the hierarchy will cause problems with the indexing of the files. This can lead to newly created objects made by Workbench A not being found when searching from Workbench B and vice versa, as well as issues with associations to CLC Metadata Tables.

Sharing the location of a folder or element with others

When working with others with the same CLC Location available via their CLC Workbench, or who connect to the same CLC Server, you can easily share the location of a particular element or folder, as described under Searching using CLC URLs in Quick Search.