Export a Custom Data Set

It is possible to export a Custom Set (figure 11.18) to a .cpc file. This set can be imported using any CLC Genomics Workbench, run with a license or in Viewing Mode.

Image exportcdc
Figure 11.18: Exporting a custom data set from the Custom Sets tab. In this example, we are exporting 7 roles, as well as data for 3 of them.

Exporting a Custom Set exports the roles included in the set. The data elements associated with each role can be exported too, but whether this is necessary depends "Reference Data Type", as described below.

On the left is an Export column. When a check box in this column is unchecked, only the role is exported. If the box is checked, the data element associated with that role will also be exported.

A "Reference Data Type" is listed in the Export Custom Data Set dialog. The type has the following implications for the Export:

By exporting only roles and any custom data elements, the size of exported files can be kept to a minimum.