Rename Sequences in Lists

Using Rename Sequences in Lists, you can add or remove characters from the names of sequences within sequence lists. You can also replace parts of sequence names, optionally using regular expressions to define the sections to replace.

Individual sequences in a sequence list can also be renamed manually. Open the sequence list, right-click on the sequence name to change, and select the "Rename Sequence..." option.

To launch the Rename Sequences in Lists tool, go to:

        Toolbox | Utility Tools (Image utilities_closed_16_n_p) | Renaming (Image renaming_folder_closed_16_n_p) | Rename Sequences in Lists (Image rename_sequence_16_n_p)

In the first wizard step, select a sequence list. To rename sequences in multiple sequence lists using the same renaming pattern, check the Batch checkbox (figure 37.44).

Image rename_seqsinlists_input
Figure 37.44: When the sequences in more than one list should be renamed, check the Batch checkbox.

The text "Renamed" is added within parentheses to the name of sequence lists output by this tool. E.g. with an input called "seqlist2", the sequence list containing the renamed sequences will be called "seqlist2 (Renamed)".

Renaming options

This wizard step presents various options for the renaming action (figure 37.45). The Rename Elements is used for illustration in this section, but the options are the same for the Rename Sequences in Lists tool.

Image renaming_options1
Figure 37.45: Text can be added, removed or replaced in the existing names.

Examples using regular expressions to replace parts of element names

The following are examples to illustrate using regular expressions for renaming. The same principles apply for renaming using the Rename Elements and Rename Sequences in Lists tools.