Sequence Lists

Sequence list elements contain one or more nucleotide sequences or one or more peptide sequences. They are used as input to many tools, and are generated as output by many tools. Sequence lists can contain single end sequences or paired end sequences, but not a mixture of both. Handling paired data is described at the end of this section.

When open in the viewing area, there are 5 icons at the bottom providing access to different views of the data. Side panel settings on views allow customization of what is shown. These settings can be saved, as described in Side Panel view settings.

In figure 15.1, the graphical view and Table view of a sequence list are open in linked views (View Area). With linked views, clicking in one view can lead to updates in the other view. For example, selecting a row in the table view will cause the graphical view to update so the focus is on that sequence.

Much functionality is contained in right-click menus, with options differing depending on which view is open and where you click in it. Some actions are unique to a particular view, while others are available from more than one view. For example, sequence attributes can only be edited in the Table view but sequences can be added from the graphical view and Table view.

Image sequencelist-twoviews
Figure 15.1: Two views of a sequence list are open in linked views, graphical at the top, and tabular at the bottom. Each view can be customized individually using settings in its side panel on the right.