Delete, restore and remove elements

When data in a CLC Genomics Workbench File Location is deleted, it is moved to the recycle bin within that File Location. From the recycle bin, data can be restored, i.e. taken back out of the recycle bin, or it can be deleted from the disk by emptying the recycle bin. Disk space is not freed up until data is deleted from the disk.

To delete an element, or a folder of elements:

  1. Move it to the recycle bin by using the Delete (Image delete_document_2_16_n_p) option from the Edit menu, the right-click menu of an element, or in the Toolbar, or use the Delete key on your keyboard.
  2. Empty the recycle bin using the Empty Recycle Bin command available under the Edit menu or in the menu presented when you right-click on a Recycle Bin (Image empty_recycle_bin).

Note! Emptying the recycle bin cannot be undone. Data is not recoverable after it has been removed by emptying the recycle bin.

For deleting annotations from sequences, see Removing Annotations.

To restore items in a recycle bin:

Deleting data held on a CLC Server

Deleting data and folders works the same way for data in CLC Server File Locations as described above. The following differences should, however, be noted: