Import with Metadata

Using the Import with Metadata template workflow, sequence data is imported, and a CLC Metadata Table is created containing the metadata provided in an Excel, CSV or TSV format file. Each imported sequence list is associated with the row in that CLC Metadata Table that contains metadata relating to it.

This is a very simple workflow, containing just an Iterate element connected to an Input element and an Output element (figure 14.78).

Image import-with-metadata-wf
Figure 14.78: The Import with Metadata template workflow

The following features of workflows are key to how this works:

Together, these features allow this simple workflow to import data, create a CLC Metadata Table containing information about the data being imported, and establish associations between the imported data and the CLC Metadata Table.

This template workflow is configured to import only sequence data. However, import of other sorts of data can easily be configured by copying the template workflow and editing it.

Launching the workflow

The Import with Metadata template workflow is at:

        Toolbox | Template Workflows | Preparing Raw Data | Import with Metadata (Image import_w_metadata_wf_16_n_p)

In the first step, select the format of the data being imported and check the options are configured as needed.

Batch units should be defined using metadata stored in an Excel, CSV or TSV format file. Requirements for this file are described in Defining batch units based on metadata.

Once the metadata file has been selected, the column to use to define the batch units can be specified.

In the Batch overview wizard step, the organization of the input files into batch units can be reviewed (figure 14.79).

Image import-with-metadata-batchoverview
Figure 14.79: In the batch overview step, you can check that input data has been grouped into batch units as expected.

In the Result handling step, ensure the option Create workflow result metadata is checked so the "Workflow Result Metadata" element will be created.

An example of the results of this workflow is shown in figure 14.80).

Image import-with-metadata-output
Figure 14.80: The CLC Metadata Table created using the Import with Metadata template workflow has been opened. There is a row per sequence list imported. In this view, some column names in the side panel have been unchecked so that only the sample-specific information is shown. The sequence lists associated with the metadata rows are listed in the bottom panel as a result of selecting all the rows and clicking on the Find Associated Data button.