Merge Variant Tracks

Merge Variant Tracks merges variants from two or more variant tracks into a single variant track. Only tracks based on compatible genomes can be merged.

To run the tool, go to:

        Toolbox | Utility Tools (Image utilities_closed_16_n_p) | Tracks (Image track_tools) | Merge Variant Tracks (Image merge_variant_tracks_16_n_p)

Select the variant tracks to merge.

In the next wizard step, the following options can be configured (figure 27.17:

Image merge_variant_tracks_settings
Figure 27.17: Merge Variant Tracks settings

Extra columns are created in the output track to contain the annotations of any duplicates of a variant found. The names of these extra columns include the name of the type of information contained followed by the originating track name. Such columns are made for all but the first of the input tracks. The names of all the input tracks where that variant was found are entered into the Origin tracks column.

Please also see Comparing variants for information about tools designed to support variant comparison.