History and Element Info views

History view

The History view shows the log of all operations carried out on this element. This detailed record can be viewed within the CLC Genomics Workbench, as described here, or exported to a pdf format file.

To open the History view, click on the Show History (Image history_16_n_p) icon under the View area.

The table at the top of the History view contains a row for each operation that has affected this data element. When rows are selected in the table, full details for those operations are displayed in the bottom panel (figure 2.21).

Image objecthistory
Figure 2.21: The history of an element created by an installed workflow called assemble-seqs-wf.

Information in the table:

Summary information is shown in the table for each operation carried out in the creation of this data element:

Information in the lower panel:

Information in the side panel:

If an installer has never been made for a workflow, then data elements created using that workflow (launched from the Workflow Editor), will have 0.1 reported as the workflow version in their history. Workflows that have been used to make an installer inherit the most recent version assigned when creating the workflow installer. See Creating a workflow installation file for more on creating workflow installers.

Element Info view

To open the Element Info view, click on the Show Element Info (Image element_info_16_n_p) icon under the View area.

The Element Info view contains information about the element, such as its name, description and other attributes. If the element is associated with metadata, that association is also reported here.

For further details about element information, please see Element information. For further information about metadata associations, see Viewing metadata associations.


... reported2.1
Workflow build ids are reported only for elements created by workflows on version 24.0 and later. Elements generated with earlier versions will have only the name and version reported