Table view of sequence lists

Sequence attributes are listed the Table (Image table_16_n_p) view (figure 15.5). This includes information like the name, description, accession, length, etc. of each sequence, as well as any other attributes for that element, such as those added using Update Sequence Attributes in Lists (Update Sequence Attributes in Lists), or custom attributes for that location (Customized attributes on data locations).

The number of rows reported at the top is the number of sequences in the list (figure 15.5).

Standard functionality for working with tables applies (see Working with tables).

Image sequencelists-table-view
Figure 15.5: In Table view there is a row for each sequence in the sequence list. The number of rows equates to the number of sequences and is reported at the top left side. Right-click to display a menu with actions. This menu differs slightly depending on which column you click upon.

Actions on the sequence list can be taken directly, or via a right-click menu (figure 15.5):

Adding attributes

Attributes (columns in Table view) can be added using the right-click menu option Add Attributes. This is good for small lists and simple changes. You are prompted for an attribute name and a single value. A new column is added to the table with the name you provide, and the value you provided is added for all of the selected rows. This option can also be used to edit contents of an existing column, if desired.

The Update Sequence Attributes in Lists tool supports more detailed work, including importing from external sources, such as Excel and CSV format files. See (Update Sequence Attributes in Lists) for more details.