Handling of NCBI search results

The search result is presented as a list of entries found in the NCBI database. The View displays 50 hits at a time by default. This can be changed in the Preferences). Click on the More... button at the bottom right of the View to load more results.

The five columns in the table contain the following information:

It is possible to exclude one or more of these columns by deselecting them in the "Show column" tab of the settings panel on the right hand side. See section View preference style sheet for further information about working with view preferences.

Double-clicking on a row will download and open that sequence in a view.

Alternatively, select one or more rows of the table, and then use the buttons at the bottom of the search view to:

These options are also available in the menu that appears if you right-click over selected rows.

You can also drag selected rows to a tab area to download and open them in a new tab. Sequences can also be downloaded and saved by selecting rows, copying them (e.g. using Ctrl-C), selecting a folder in the Navigation Area and then pasting (e.g. using Ctrl-V).

Note: The modification date on sequences downloaded can be more recent than those reported in the results table. This depends on the database versions made available for searching at the NCBI.

Downloading and saving sequences can take some time. This process runs in the background, so you can continue working on other tasks. The download process can be seen in the Status bar and it can be stopped, if desired, as described in Processes tab and Status bar.