Configuring QIAseq analyses

Most of the analyses provided in the QIAseq Panel Analysis Assistant can be run in different ways:

From the QIAseq Panel Analysis Assistant.

From the Toolbox.

From a copy.

Starting the analysis from the Toolbox or using a copy also allows to:

Opening and configuring a workflow copy

To open a copy of the pre-configured workflow used by an analysis, click Open Copy of Workflow under More in the QIAseq Panel Analysis Assistant wizard. The workflow copy is configured with the corresponding reference data (Reference data for QIAseq analyses) and has the same parameters as those used when running the workflow directly from the QIAseq Panel Analysis Assistant.

When opening a copy of the workflow,

Image panel_guide_ref_data_on_copy
Figure 14.109: Download missing Reference Data Elements when opening a workflow copy. The "Download to Server" button is present because the CLC Workbench is logged into a CLC Server and the Reference Data Element is also missing from the CLC Server.

When there are missing Reference Data Elements and the download is skipped in the "Reference data" wizard (figure 14.109), the workflow fails to validate (see Validating a workflow) due to the missing data (figure 14.110). To run the workflow, either download the missing Reference Data Element or configure the workflow to use different data. See Configuring input and output elements for information on how to design workflows using reference data.

Image panel_guide_open_copy_skip_reference_data
Figure 14.110: A copy of the template workflow for the "Somatic, Illumina" analysis for the DHS-001Z panel opened from the QIAseq Panel Analysis Assistant. The step to download missing reference data was skipped and thus the workflow does not validate due to the missing target regions.

See Creating and editing workflows for information about editing workflows, Basic configuration of workflow elements and The Configuration Editor view for information about changing the parameters of the tools. Once the workflow is fully configured and saved to the Navigation Area, it can be installed, see Creating a workflow installation file for details.