Creating and editing workflows

Workflows are created and edited using the Workflow Editor.

To create a new workflow, click on the Workflows button (Image workflows_16_n_p) in the Toolbar and then select "New Workflow" (Image workflow_new_16_n_p).

Alternatively, use the menu option:

        File | New | Workflow (Image workflow_new_16_n_p)

To open a copy of an installed workflow in the Workflow Editor, right-click on the workflow in the Toolbox and choose the option Open Copy of Workflow. Customizing existing workflows rather than building new workflows from scratch, can save much time.

Some template workflows come pre-installed in the CLC Genomics Workbench, as examples (figure 14.2). More such workflows are provided with plugins such as the Biomedical Genomics Analysis plugin or the CLC Microbial Genomics Module.

Image template_workflows_folder_expanded
Figure 14.2: The Template Workflows section of the Toolbox

See Template workflows for more information.

To copy the image of a workflow design, select the elements in the workflow design (click in the workflow editor and then press keys Ctrl + A), then copy (Ctrl + C), and then paste where you wish the image to be placed, for example, in an email or presentation program.