Managing workflows

Workflows can be managed from the Workflow Manager:

        Utilities | Manage Workflows (Image WorkflowManage_16_n_p)

or using the "Workflows" button (Image workflows_16_n_p) in the toolbar and then select "Manage Workflows..." (Image WorkflowManage_16_n_p).

The Workflow Manager (figure 14.91) lists workflows installed on your system under the Installed Workflows tab. Workflows under the Installed Workflows tab can be configured, renamed and uninstalled, as described below.

Workflows provided by QIAGEN are listed under the Template Workflows tab.

Copies of workflows can be made by clicking on the "Open Copy of Workflow" button for the relevant workflow. This opens an editable copy of the workflow in the Workflow Editor. That workflow can then, if desired, be saved as an element in Navigation Area, and installed so it appears under the Installed Workflows folder of the Toolbox.

Note: Copies of all workflows in the Workbench Toolbox can also be opened from within the Toolbox on the bottom left side of the Workbench. Right-click on the workflow and choose "Open Copy of Workflow".

Image workflow_preview-genomics
Figure 14.91: An installed workflow has been selected in the Workflow Manager. Some actions can be carried out on this workflow, and a preview pane showing the workflow design is open on the right hand side.


Clicking on the Configure button for an installed workflow will open a dialog where configurable steps in the workflow are shown (figure 14.92). Settings can be configured, and unlocked settings can be locked if desired.

Image workflow_config-genomics
Figure 14.92: Configuring parameters for a workflow.

Note: Parameters locked in the original workflow design cannot be unlocked. Those locked using the Configure functionality of the Workbench Manager can be unlocked again later in the same way, if desired.

Parameter locking is described further in Locking and unlocking parameters.

Note that parameters requiring the selection of data should only be locked if the workflow will only be installed in a setting where there is access to the same data, in the same location, as the system where the workflow was created, or if the parameter is optional and no data should be selected. If the workflow is intended to be executed on a CLC Server, it is important to select data that is located on the CLC Server.


Clicking on the Rename button for an installed workflow allows you to change the name. The workflow will then be listed with that new name in the "Installed Workflows" folder of the Toolbox.

The workflow id will remain the same.


Use this button to uninstall am installed workflow.

Description, Preview and Information

In the right hand pane of the Workflow Manager, are three tabs.

Image installed_workflow_description
Figure 14.93: The description provided when creating the workflow installer is available in the Description tab in the Workflow Manager.

Image installed_workflow_in_wfmanager
Figure 14.94: The Information tab contains the information provided when the workflow installer was created as well as the workflow build-id.

The Information tab (figure 14.94) contains the following: