Export of tables

Data in tables can be exported to CSV, tab-delimited, Excel, or HTML format files.

The "Export all columns" option is selected by default. When it is deselected, options for selecting the columns to export are presented in the next wizard step.

When selecting specific columns for export, the option "Export the table as currently shown" is particularly useful if you have filtered, sorted, or selected particular columns in a table that is open in a View. In this case, the effects of these manipulations are preserved in the exported file. This option is not available for all data types.

When the "Export the table as currently shown" is unchecked or disabled, checkboxes for each column to be exported are available to select or deselect. The buttons below that section can help speed up the process of column selection:

In the final wizard step, select the location where the exported elements should be saved.

Image export_excel
Figure 8.7: Selecting table columns to be exported.

The data exported will reflect any filtering and sorting applied.

Considerations when exporting tables