Searching for data in CLC Locations

There are two ways of searching for data in your CLC Locations:

Search index

The CLC Genomics Workbench automatically maintains an index of data in each CLC Location. These indexes are used for searches.

Problems with search results can reflect a problem with an index. If a search does not return the results you expect, re-building the index may help. Do this by right-clicking on the relevant data location in the Navigation Area and then selecting:

        Location | Rebuild Index

Rebuilding the index for locations with a lot of data can take some time.

The index building process can be stopped under the Process Area.

Indexes are updated automatically when data is moved between CLC Locations, but not when data elements are moved within a given CLC Location. When searching based on names, this does not matter. However, for searches based on information in the path, the index may need to be rebuilt before searching.