Label settings

Image internalnode
Figure 25.15: "Edit label" in the right click menu can be used to customize the label text. The way node labels are displayed can be controlled through the labels settings in the right side panel.

When working with big trees there is typically not enough space to show all labels. As illustrated in figure 25.15, only some of the labels are shown. The hidden labels are illustrated with thin horizontal lines (figure 25.16).

There are different ways of showing more labels. One way is to reduce the font size of the labels, which can be done under Label font settings in the Side Panel. Another option is to zoom in on specific areas of the tree (figure 25.16 and figure 25.17). The last option is to disable Hide overlapping labels under "Label settings" in the right side panel. When this option is unchecked all labels are shown even if the text overlaps. When allowing overlapping labels it is usually a good idea to disable Show label background under "Background settings" (see section 25.5.5).

Note! When working with a tree with hidden labels, it is possible to make the hidden label text appear by moving the mouse over the node with the hidden label.

Note! The text within labels can be edited by editing the metadata table values directly.

Image zoom_before
Figure 25.16: The zoom function in the upper right corner of the Workbench can be used to zoom in on a particular region of the tree. When the zoom function has been activated, use the mouse to drag a rectangle over the area that you wish to zoom in at.

Image zoom_after
Figure 25.17: After zooming in on a region of interest more labels become visible. In this example all labels are now visible.