Ultima Genomics

The Ultima importer can be used for importing CRAM files generated by Ultima sequencing technology.

To launch the Ultima importer, go to:

        Import (Image Next_Folder_16_n_p) | Other NGS Reads (Image color_ngs_import_16_n_p) | Ultima (Image color_ngs_import_16_n_p).

This opens a dialog where files can be selected and import options specified (figure 7.16).

Image importngsdialog-ultima
Figure 7.16: Choosing Ultima CRAM file and reference(s).

Providing references for the Ultima CRAM file

The reference sequence(s) that are referred to within the Ultima CRAM file must be specified in the 'Set parameters' wizard step (figure 7.16):

The table under 'References in files' contains the references that are referred to within the Ultima CRAM file, with their name, length, and a status. The status indicates whether a given reference referred to within the Ultima CRAM file is present in the input references. The status can be:

A reference is 'matched' when the status is either OK or Will download. The import will fail if there are unmatched references.

For references located on a CLC Genomics Server, the table is empty. The importer can be launched, regardless of whether the correct references are selected, but it leads to an error in cases where they are not.

Output options

In the 'Result handling' wizard step, the downloaded reference sequences can be saved using the option Save downloaded reference sequences if the option Download references when link available was selected in the 'Set parameters' wizard step.

One sequence list per read group is created. Mapping information in the CRAM file is disregarded.