Gel view

In figure 23.48 you can see a simulation of a gel with its Side Panel to the right.

Image gelview
Figure 23.48: Five lanes showing fragments of five sequences cut with restriction enzymes.

Information on bands / fragments

You can get information about the individual bands by hovering the mouse cursor on the band of interest. This will display a tool tip with the following information: For gels comparing whole sequences, you will see the sequence name and the length of the sequence.

Note! You have to be in Selection (Image selection) or Pan (Image pan) mode in order to get this information.

It can be useful to add markers to the gel which enables you to compare the sizes of the bands. This is done by clicking Show marker ladder in the Side Panel.

Markers can be entered into the text field, separated by commas.

Modifying the layout

The background of the lane and the colors of the bands can be changed in the Side Panel. Click the colored box to display a dialog for picking a color. The slider Scale band spread can be used to adjust the effective time of separation on the gel, i.e. how much the bands will be spread over the lane. In a real electrophoresis experiment this property will be determined by several factors including time of separation, voltage and gel density.

You can also choose how many lanes should be displayed:

You can also modify the layout of the view by zooming in or out. Click Zoom in (Image zoom_in) or Zoom out (Image zoom_out) in the Toolbar and click the view.

Finally, you can modify the format of the text heading each lane in the Text format preferences in the Side Panel.