Variance table

In addition to the standard graphical display of a contig or mapping as described in View and edit contigs and read mappings, you can also see a tabular overview of the conflicts between the reads by clicking the Table (Image table) icon at the bottom of the view.

This will display a new view of the conflicts as shown in figure 22.19.

Image contigandtablesplit
Figure 22.22: The graphical view is displayed at the top, and underneath the conflicts are shown in a table. At the conflict at position 313, the user has entered a comment in the table (to see it, make sure the Notes column is wide enough to display all text lines). This comment is now also added to the tooltip of the conflict annotation in the graphical view above.

The table has the following columns:

By clicking a row in the table, the corresponding position is highlighted in the graphical view. Clicking the rows of the table is another way of navigating the contig or the mapping, as are using the Find Conflict button or using the Space bar. You can use the up and down arrow keys to navigate the rows of the table.