UniProt search options

Database choice

Select one of the 2 subsections of UniProtKB to search in, or select both to search all of UniProtKB.

Search fields

A single search field is presented by default. Click on "Add search parameters" to add more.

The following options are available:

When the Append wildcard (*) to search words is checked, the search is broadened to include entries containing terms starting with text you provided.

Click on the Start search button to run the search.

Information about entries meeting all the conditions specified is returned in a table. No data is downloaded at this point. Working with these results, including downloading entries, is described in Handling of UniProt search results.

Saving a configured UniProt search

The search you just set up can be saved by doing one of the following:

These actions save the search query. (It does not save the search results.)

This can be useful when you run the same searches periodically.