User interface

The user interface of the CLC Genomics Workbench when it is first opened looks like that shown in figure 2.1.

Key areas are listed below with a brief description and links to further information.

Image entireuserinterface-genomics
Figure 2.1: The CLC Workbench interface includes the Navigation Area in the top left, several tabs in the Toolbox area at the bottom left, a large viewing area on the right, menus and toolbars at the top, and a status bar at the bottom.

Different areas of the interface can be hidden or made visible, as desired. Options controlling this are available under the View menu at the top. For example, what is shown in the Toolbox area can be configured using the menu options found under:

        View | Show/Hide Toolbox

You can also collapse the various areas by clicking on buttons like (Image sidepanel_down_16_n_p) or (Image sidepanel_left_16_n_p), where they appear. Similar buttons are presented for revealing areas if they are hidden.