Create Expression Browser

The Create Expression Browser tool makes it possible to inspect gene, transcript or miRNA expression level counts, annotations and statistics for many samples at the same time. Further, the plotting functionality helps with visualizing the data in an easy to interpret way.

To run the tool, go to:

        Toolbox | RNA-Seq and Small RNA Analysis (Image rna_seq_group_closed_16_n_p)| Create Expression Browser (Image create_expression_experiment_16_n_p)

Select some expression tracks (Image rnaseqtrack_16_h_p). These can be either Gene level (GE) or Transcript level Expression (TE) tracks, but not a combination of both (see figure 33.2).

Click on the Next button.

Image expressionbrowser_select_tracks
Figure 33.2: Select expression tracks, either GE or TE.

In the second wizard dialog, statistical comparisons and an annotation resource can be selected (see figure 33.3). Information from the selected elements is included in the expression browser.

Image expressionbrowser_select_statcomp_go
Figure 33.3: Information from statistical comparisons and an annotation resource can optionally be included in the expression browser being created.

Statistical comparisons are generated by differential expression tools, described in Differential Expression. The selected statistical comparisons must have been created using the same kind of expression tracks as those selected in the first wizard step. For example, when creating an expression browser using GE expression tracks, statistical comparisons must have been generated using GE tracks.

Annotation resources can come from various sources: