Per-region statistics

In addition to the summary report, you can see coverage statistics for each targeted region. This is reported as a track, and you can see the numbers by going to the table (Image table) view of the track. An example is shown in figure 29.9:

Image targeted_table
Figure 29.9: A track list containing the target region coverage track and reads track. The target region coverage track has been opened from the track list and is shown in table view. Detailed information on each region is displayed. Only one paired read maps to the region selected.

Image targeted_table_pairs_disconnected
Figure 29.10: The same data as shown in figure 29.9, but now the Show strands of paired reads option in the side-panel of the reads track has been ticked, so that the two reads in the paired read are shown.

In the figure, the coverage table and a track list are shown in a split view. When opened in a split view, the two views are linked, that is, clicking on an entry in one view moves the focus in the other view to the relevant item or table row. Creating track lists and opening tracks in linked views is described in Track lists.