QIAseq Panel Analysis Assistant

The QIAseq Panel Analysis Assistant provides an easy entrance point for working with data generated with QIAseq panels and kits. Using the QIAseq Panel Analysis Assistant, information about the panels and kits can be accessed, available analyses can be viewed and run.

Most analyses offered via the QIAseq Panel Analysis Assistant are based on template workflows, which are available via the Toolbox. Analyses launched using the QIAseq Panel Analysis Assistant have the appropriate reference data preselected, see Reference data for QIAseq analyses. Additionally, some parameters are different to the template workflow, to account for the panel/kit design, see Non-standard parameters in QIAseq analyses for details.

Validation of results should be carried out. See Configuring QIAseq analyses if adjustments to parameters are needed.

To start the QIAseq Panel Analysis Assistant, go to:

        Toolbox | Template Workflows | QIAseq Panel Analysis Assistant (Image qiaseq_panel_guide_16_n_p)

Adding analyses

Analyses of QIAseq data are delivered by plugins, see Adding QIAseq analyses for details.

Viewing analyses

Starting the QIAseq Panel Analysis Assistant with at least one relevant plugin installed, opens a wizard listing different panel/kit categories on the left side, and analyses of panels/kits in the selected category on the right side (figure 14.104).

Image panel_guide
Figure 14.104: The QIAseq Panel Analysis Assistant when the Biomedical Genomics Analysis plugin is installed. Multiple analyses are available for the DHS-110Z and DHS-3011Z panels. The analyses for DHS-3011Z are marked with an info icon because they use different parameters relative to the underlying template workflow. The "Panel description" links to more information about the panel.

An analysis can be:

The search field at the top (figure 14.104) can be used to search for terms in:

For exact searching, use

Double-click on a search result to open it.

Once an analysis has been selected, it can be started using Run, see Running a QIAseq analysis for details. Additional actions for the selected analysis are available under More: