Navigation Area

The Navigation Area (figure 3.1) is used for organizing and navigating data.

Image navigationarea
Figure 3.1: The Navigation Area.

Each CLC data element has a name and an icon that represents the type of data in the element. A list of many of the icons and the type of data they represent can be found at

Non-CLC files placed into CLC locations will have generic icons beside them, and any suffix in the original file name will be visible in the Navigation Area. (e.g. .pdf, .xml and so on.)

Elements placed in a folder (e.g. by copy/pasting or dragging) are put at the bottom of the folder listing. If the element is placed on another element, it is put just below that element in the folder listing. If an element of the same name already exists in that folder, a copy is created with the name extension "-1", "-2" etc. See Moving and copying elements for further details.

Elements in a folder can be sorted alphabetically by right-clicking on the folder and choosing the option Sort Folder from the menu that appears. When sorting this way on Windows, subfolders are placed at the top of the folder with elements listed below in alphabetical order. On Mac, subfolders and elements are listed together, in alphabetical order.

Opening and viewing CLC data elements is described in View Area.

Just above the data listing area is a Quick Search field, which can be used to find elements in your CLC Locations. See Quick search.

Just above the Quick Search field are icons that can be clicked upon. On the left side, from left to right:

On the right side, from left to right:

Data held on a CLC Server

If you have logged into a CLC Server from your Workbench, then data stored on the CLC Server will also be listed in the Navigation Area ( figure 3.2).

Image servernavigationarea
Figure 3.2: Data locations on a CLC Server are highlighted with blue square icons in the Navigation Area.

Locations on a CLC Server are configured by the server administrator.

When you launch a job to run on the CLC Genomics Workbench, you can choose data located in CLC Genomics Workbench File Locations or in CLC Server File Locations. When running jobs on a CLC Server, you can only select data in locations known to the server (see Running a tool on a CLC Server).