Copying and moving elements and folders

To copy or move elements or folders in the Navigation Area, start by selecting the elements and/or folders. You can then use explicit actions for cutting, copying and pasting the selections, or you can use drag-and-drop to move them around.

Cut, copy and paste actions

After selecting elements and/or folders, Cut (Image cut_16_h_p) and Copy (Image Copy_16_n_p) become available. After cutting or copying, the Paste (Image Paste_16_n_p) action becomes available. There are several ways to access these actions:

Drag and drop for copying or moving

To use drag and drop to copy or move elements and/or folders, select the desired items, keep the mouse button depressed, and drag the selection to the new position.

When elements are moved between different CLC Locations, copies of the original elements are made and placed in the new location.

When elements are moved within the same CLC Location, no copy is created. The elements are just moved from one folder to another.

To make a copy of an element within the same CLC Location, use the Copy (Image Copy_16_n_p) and Paste (Image Paste_16_n_p) actions, or depress the Ctrl / Command key while dragging the data element to the new folder.

Copies of an element open in the View area can also be made by clicking on its tab in the View Area and dragging the tab to the desired location in the Navigation Area. This is not a way to save updates to an existing element. Any unsaved changes to the original element (the one open in the View area) remain unsaved until an explicit save action is taken on the original.

Names of copied or moved elements

CLC element names must be unique in a given CLC Location. This means that the same name can be used for different elements in different folders, but not for CLC elements in the same folder.

For non-CLC files available in the Navigation Area, the file must have a name unique within that CLC Location.

If an action results in a file with a name that clashes with an existing file, the name of the new element will have a numeric extension appended to guarantee uniqueness, e.g. "-1", "-2", etc.