Export of dependent elements

Sometimes it can be useful to export the results of an analysis and its dependent elements. That is, the results along with the data that was used in the analysis. For example, one might wish to export an alignment along with all the sequences that were used in generating that alignment.

To export a data element with its dependent elements:

The file you export contains compressed CLC format files containing the data element you chose and all its dependent data elements.

A zip file created this way can be imported directly into a CLC workbench by going to

        File | Import (Image Next_Folder_16_n_p) | Standard Import

and selecting "Automatic import" in the Options area.

Compatibility of the CLC data format between Workbench versions

Internal compression of CLC data was introduced in CLC Genomics Workbench 12.0, CLC Main Workbench 8.1 and CLC Genomics Server 11.0. If you are sharing data for use in software versions older than these, then please use the standard Export functionality, selecting all the data elements, or folders of elements, to export and choosing either CLC or zip format as the export format. Further information about this is provided in Export of folders and data elements in CLC format.