Editing a contig or read mapping

When editing contigs and read mappings, you are typically interested in confirming or changing single bases.

To do this:

        Select the base to edit | Type the desired base

If you want to replace a residue with a gap, use the Delete key.

If you wish to edit a selection of more than one residue:

        right-click the selection | Edit Selection (Image edit_selection)

There are three shortcut keys for easily finding the positions where there are conflicts:

In the contig or mapping view, you can use Zoom in (Image zoom_in) to zoom to a greater level of detail than in other views (see figure 22.12).

Note: For contigs or mappings with more than 1,000 reads, you can only do single-residue replacements. When the compactness is Packed, you cannot edit any of the reads.

All changes are recorded in the history of the element (see History view).