Editing annotations

Annotations can be edited from the graphical sequence view or from the Annotation Table (Image annotationeditor_16_n_p) view.

For general information about the Annotation Table (Image annotation_table) view, see View Annotations in a table.

Basic annotation editing in the sequence view

To edit an annotation from the sequence view:

        Right-click on the annotation | Edit Annotation (Image edit_annotation)

A dialog like that in figure 15.19 will appear. Edit the fields as needed and click on OK to save your changes.

Editing annotations in the Annotation Table view

In the Annotation Table (Image annotation_table) view, each part of an annotation can be updated by double-clicking in a cell, editing the contents, and pressing Enter. In addition, editing options are among the options available in the right-click menu (figure 15.20).

Image annotation-table-right-click
Figure 15.20: The right-click menu in the Annotation Table view contains options for adding, editing, exporting and deleting annotations.

Options related to editing annotations in this menu are:

Image advancedrename
Figure 15.21: The Advanced Rename dialog.

Image advancedretype
Figure 15.22: The Advanced Retype dialog.