Restriction enzymes database configuration

CLC Genomics Workbench uses enzymes from the REBASE restriction enzyme database at If you wish to add enzymes to this list, you can do this by manually using the procedure described here.

Note! Please be aware that this process needs to be handled carefully, otherwise you may have to re-install the Workbench to get it to work.

First, download the following file: In the Workbench installation folder under settings, create a folder named rebase and place the extracted link_emboss_e_custom file here.

Note that in macOS, the extension file "link_emboss_e_custom" will have a ".txt" extension in its filename and metadata that needs to be removed. Right click the file name, choose "Get info" and remove ".txt" from the "Name & extension" field.

Open the file in a text editor. The top of the file contains information about the format, and at the bottom there are two example enzymes that you should replace with your own.

Please note that the CLC Workbenches only support the addition of 2-cutter enzymes. Further details about how to format your entries accordingly are given within the file mentioned above.

After adding the above file, or making changes to it, you must restart the Workbench for changes take effect.