Combine Reports

The Combine Reports tool makes it easy to get a cross-sample overview by summarizing reports from multiple samples. The tool takes in multiple reports and generates a single report containing summaries and other selected information from the original reports with outliers highlighted.

To create a sample report for a single sample, use the tool Create Sample Report described in Report types supported. The individual sample reports, which combine information from multiple report types for a single sample, can then be used as input to the Combine Reports tool to generate a combined report that provides a comprehensive overview of results.

Reports produced by the CLC Genomics Workbench tools listed in Report types supported can be used as input, as can reports generated by some tools delivered by plugins developed by QIAGEN.

Creating a combined report

To create a combined report, go to:

        Toolbox |Quality Control (Image quality_control_closed_16_h_p) | Combine Reports (Image combine_reports_16_h_p)

In the dialog that opens, select the reports to be combined (figure 27.29).

Image combinereports
Figure 27.31: The reports to be combined are selected as input.

In the next dialog, configuration options are presented, as shown in figure 27.30:

Image combinereports1
Figure 27.32: Configuration options for combining reports.

The configuration options are: