Template workflows

Template workflows are provided as example workflows (figure 14.77). They can be launched as they are from the Toolbox, or copies can be easily opened, allowing you to optimize the workflow to fit your specific application.

After making a copy and editing it, you can run the workflow from the Workflow Editor, or you can create an installer and install the workflow to your CLC Workbench or CLC Server. Links to documentation about these activities are provided later in this section.

Image template_workflows_folder_expanded
Figure 14.77: The Template Workflows section of the Toolbox

Opening a template workflow for viewing or editing

To open a template workflow in the Workflow Editor, where you can view or edit it, you can:

You can specify which settings can be adjusted when launching a workflow, and which cannot, by unlocking or locking parameters in workflow elements. Unlocked parameters can be adjusted when launching the workflow. For locked parameters, the value specified in the design is always used when the workflow is run.

Installed workflows cannot be edited directly, so by locking settings, and installing the workflow, you create a customized version of a template workflow, validated for your purposes, where you know exactly the settings that will be used for each workflow run.

Related documentation

The following manual pages contain information relevant to working with copies of template workflows:

The template workflows distributed with the CLC Genomics Workbench are described after this section. Template workflows distributed with plugins are described in the relevant plugin manual.