Singular Genomics

The Singular importer is designed to import fastq (.fastq/.fq) files generated by Singular Genomics sequencing technology. Uncompressed files as well as files compressed using gzip (.gz), zip (.zip) or bzip2 (.bz2) can be provided as input. Quality scores are expected to be in the NCBI/Sanger format, see Quality scores in the Illumina platform. The importer processes UMI information from the fastq read headers, see General notes on UMIs.

To launch the Singular importer, go to:

        Import (Image Next_Folder_16_n_p) | Other NGS Reads (Image color_ngs_import_16_n_p) | Singular (Image color_ngs_import_16_n_p).

This opens a dialog where files can be selected and import options specified (figure 7.15).

Image importngsdialog-singular
Figure 7.15: Importing data from Singular Genomics.

The General options are:

The Singular options are: