Ordering inputs

Two different ways to order workflow inputs are available. In both cases, an Order Inputs dialog like that shown in figure 14.12 is used. An item is moved up and down in the list by selecting it and clicking on the up or down arrow on the right.

Workflow inputs can be ordered by using:

See figure 14.13 for an illustration of the effects of these 2 ordering methods.

Image orderinputsupanddown
Figure 14.12: The Order Inputs dialog is used to specify the ordering of workflow inputs.

Image orderABC
Figure 14.13: Two levels of input ordering are available. Using Order Workflow Inputs..., the order that inputs are prompted for in the wizard was set to B, A, C. Using Order Inputs..., the order the inputs were processed was set to C, A, B. Here, this means the tracks will appear in the Track List in the order C, A, B.