Adding locations

To add a new location, click on the (Image add_location) icon at the top of the Navigation Area, or go to:

        File | Location | New File Location (Image add_location)

Navigate to the folder to add as a CLC data location (see figure 3.5).

The name of the new location will be the name of the folder selected. To see the full path to the folder on the file system, hover the mouse cursor over the location icon (Image location).

Image addlocationdialog
Figure 3.5: Navigating to a folder to use as a new CLC location.

The new location will appear in the Navigation Area (figure 3.6).

Image locationadded
Figure 3.6: A new CLC location has been added. When the selected folder has not been used as a CLC location before, index files will be built, with the index building process listed in the Processes tab below the Navigation Area.