Toolbox tab

The Toolbox tab contains tools and installed workflows, including those distributed via plugins (figure 2.16), as well as external applications configured and enabled on a CLC Genomics Server that the Workbench is connected to (figure 2.17).

The Toolbox can be filtered to only show relevant tools, installed workflows and external applications, by using the <enter tool name> text field at the top (figures 2.16 and 2.17).

Launching analyses from the Toolbox can be done by:

Other methods of launching tools, including using the Quick Launch tool (Image launch_16_n_p), are described in Running tools.

Image toolbox-without-extapp-genomics
Figure 2.16: The Toolbox tab in the bottom right contains folders of available tools, and when available, installed workflows. This Workbench is not connected to a CLC Server, as indicated by the grey server icon in the status bar.

Image toolbox-with-extapp-genomics
Figure 2.17: This Workbench is connected to a CLC Server, as indicated by the blue server icon in the status bar. External applications have been configured and enabled on that CLC Server, so an External Applications folder is listed, which contains those external applications. The server icon within that folder's icon is a reminder that these are only available when logged into the CLC Server.

The font size of tools in the Toolbox at the bottom left side of the Workbench can be increased or decreased using the (Image fontsmaller_16_n_p) or (Image fontlarger_16_n_p) icons at the top, right hand side of the Navigation Area. Changing the font size affects the listing in the Navigation Area, Toolbox tab and Favorites tab.