Import of data and graphics

Many data formats are supported for import into the CLC Genomics Workbench. Data types that are not recognized are imported as "external files". Such files are opened in the default application for that file type on your computer (e.g. Word documents will open in Word). This chapter describes import of data, with a focus on import of common bioinformatics data formats.

For information about importing NGS sequencing reads, see Import NGS Reads. Importing other NGS data types is described in Import other high-throughput sequencing data.

Where data can be imported from

Data can be imported from any location accessible via the system the CLC Genomics Workbench is installed on, including from AWS S3 if AWS Connections are configured (see AWS Connections). Importing data from AWS S3 involves downloading files from AWS, which AWS charges for.

If connected to a CLC Server, data can be imported from areas accessible via the CLC Server (see CLC Server data import and export).

Using the Illumina importer, data can also be imported directly from BaseSpace (see Illumina import).