Zoom and selection in View Area

All views except tabular and text views support zooming. Figure 2.13 shows the zoom tools, located at the bottom right corner of the view.

Image mousemodes
Figure 2.13: The zoom tools are located at the bottom right corner of the view.

The zoom tools consist of some shortcuts for zooming to fit the width of the view (Image fit_width), zoom to 100 % to see details (Image 100percent), zoom to a selection (Image zoom_selection), a zoom slider, and two mouse mode buttons (Image selection) (Image zoom_in).

The slider reflects the current zoom level and can be used to quickly adjust this. For more fine-grained control of the zoom level, move the mouse upwards while sliding.

The sections below describes how to use these tools as well as other ways of zooming and navigating data.

Please note that when working with protein 3D structures, there are specific ways of controlling zooming and navigation as explained in Viewing molecular structures in 3D.