Graphical view and editing of secondary structure

To show the secondary view of an already open sequence, click the Show Secondary Structure 2D View (Image rna_secondary_structure) button at the bottom of the sequence view.

If the sequence is not open, click Show (Image open_file_or_folder_16_n_p) and select Secondary Structure 2D View (Image rna_secondary_structure).

This will open a view similar to the one shown in figure 22.9.

Image secondaryview
Figure 22.9: The secondary structure view of an RNA sequence zoomed in.

Like the normal sequence view, you can use Zoom in (Image zoom_in) and Zoom out (Image zoom_out). Zooming in will reveal the residues of the structure as shown in figure 22.9. For large structures, zooming out will give you an overview of the whole structure.