Reassemble contig

If you have edited a contig, changed trimmed regions, or added or removed reads, you may wish to reassemble the contig. This can be done in two ways:

        Toolbox | Molecular Biology Tools (Image lab_work_support) | Sanger Sequencing Analysis (Image assemblyfolder)| Reassemble Contig (Image reassemble_contig) | select the contig from Navigation Area, move to 'Selected Elements' and click Next

   or  right-click in the empty white area of the contig | Reassemble contig (Image reassemble_contig)

This opens a dialog as shown in figure 18.19

Image reassemblestep1
Figure 18.19: Re-assembling a contig.

In this dialog, you can choose:

When you click Finish, a new contig is created, so you do not lose the information in the old contig.