Primer design - an introduction

Primer design can be accessed in two ways:

        Toolbox | Molecular Biology Tools (Image lab_work_support) | Primers and Probes (Image primersandprobes)| Design Primers (Image primerdesign) | OK

   or  right-click sequence in Navigation Area | Show | Primer Designer (Image primerdesign)

In the primer view (see figure 17.1), the basic options for viewing the template sequence are the same as for the standard sequence view (see View sequences for an explanation of these options). This means that annotations such as known SNPs or exons can be displayed on the template sequence to guide the choice of primer regions. In addition, traces in sequencing reads can be shown along with the structure to guide the re-sequencing of poorly resolved regions.

Image initialprimerview
Figure 17.1: The initial view of the sequence used for primer design.