From the Protein Data Bank

Molecule structures can be imported in the workbench from the Protein Data Bank using the "Download" function:

        Toolbar | Download (Image Search_Database_16_h_p) | Search for PDB structures at NCBI (Image structure_search)

Type the molecule name or accession number into the search field and click on the "Start search" button (as shown in figure 13.1). The search hits will appear in the table below the search field.

Image searchforPDBstructures
Figure 13.1: Download protein structure from the Protein Data Bank. It is possible to open a structure file directly from the output of the search by clicking the "Download and Open" button or by double clicking directly on the relevant row.

Select the molecule structure of interest and click on the button labeled "Download and Open" - or double click on the relevant row - in the table to open the protein structure.

Pressing the "Download and Save" button will save the molecule structure at a user defined destination in the Navigation Area.

The button "Open at NCBI" links directly to the structure summary page at NCBI: clicking this button will open individual NCBI pages describing each of the selected molecule structures.