Customizing the visualization

The molecular visualization of all molecules in the Molecule Project can be customized using different visualization styles. The styles can be applied to one molecule at a time, or to a whole category (or a mixture), by selecting the name of either the molecule or the category. Holding down the Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) or shift key while clicking the entry names in the Project Tree will select multiple molecules/categories.

The six leftmost quick-style buttons below the Project Tree view give access to the molecule visualization styles, while context menus on the buttons (accessible via right-click or left-click-hold) give access to the color schemes available for the visualization styles. Visualization styles and color schemes are also available from context menus directly on the selected entries in the Project Tree. Other quick-style buttons are available for displaying hydrogen bonds between Project Tree entries, for displaying labels in the 3D view and for creating custom atom groups. They are all described in detail below.

Note! Whenever you wish to change the visualization styles by right-clicking the entries in the Project Tree, please be aware that you must first click on the entry of interest, and ensure it is highlighted in blue, before right-clicking.