Export formats

Finding and selecting a format to export to When the Export tool is launched, a list of the available data formats is presented.

You can quickly find a particular format by typing a relevant search term into the text box at the top of the Export window, as shown in figure 6.23. Any formats with that search term in their name or description will be listed in the window. The search term is remembered when the Export tool is next launched. Delete the text from the search box if you wish to have all export formats listed.

Support for choosing an appropriate export format is provided in 2 ways:

Image selectexporter
Figure 6.22: The Select export format dialog. Here, some sequence lists had been selected in the Navigation Area before the Export tool was launched. The formats that the selected data elements can be exported to contain a "Yes" in the Selected format column. Other export formats are listed below the supported ones, with "No" in the Supported format column.

Image selectexporter_usetextfield
Figure 6.23: The text field has been used to search for the term "VCF" in the export format name or description field in the Select export dialog.

When the desired export format has been selected, click on the button labeled Select.

A dialog then appears, with a name reflecting the format you have chosen. For example if the VCF format was selected, the window is labeled "Export VCF".

If you are logged into a CLC Server, you will be asked whether to run the export job using the Workbench or the Server. After this, you are provided with the opportunity to select or de-select data to be exported.

Selecting data for export In figure 6.24 we show the selection of a variant track for export to VCF format.

Image exportVCF_step2_v700
Figure 6.24: The Select export dialog. Select the data element(s) to export.