Create Expression Browser

The Create Expression Browser tool makes it possible to inspect gene and transcript expression level counts, annotations and statistics for many samples at the same time.

To run the tool:

        Toolbox | RNA-Seq Analysis | Create Expression Browser

Select a number of expression tracks (Image rnaseqtrack_16_h_p), either Gene level (GE) or Transcript level Expression (TE) tracks but not a combination of both, and click Next (see figure 28.36).

Image expressionbrowser1
Figure 28.36: Select expression tracks, either GE or TE.

In the second wizard dialog (see figure 28.37), you can decide to add one or more statistical comparisons or an annotation source.

Image expressionbrowser2
Figure 28.37: It is optional to provide statistical comparisons and annotation resources.

Statistical comparisons are generated by the Differential Expression for RNA-Seq tool. You can only choose a comparison that was generated by the same kind of expression tracks as the ones you selected in the previous step. This means that when you want to create an expression browser for GE expression levels, you can only input in the second optional step a statistical comparison generated using GE tracks as well.

Annotation resources can be obtained from different sources: