Convert DNA to RNA

CLC Genomics Workbench lets you convert a DNA sequence into RNA, substituting the T residues (Thymine) for U residues (Uracil):

        Toolbox | Classical Sequence Analysis (Image gene_and_protein_analysis) | Nucleotide Analysis (Image nucleotideanalyses)| Convert DNA to RNA (Image translateDNAtoRNA)

This opens the dialog displayed in figure 15.1:

Image translateDNAtoRNAwizard
Figure 15.1: Translating DNA to RNA.

If a sequence was selected before choosing the Toolbox action, this sequence is now listed in the Selected Elements window of the dialog. Use the arrows to add or remove sequences or sequence lists from the selected elements.

Click Finish to start the tool.

Note! You can select multiple DNA sequences and sequence lists at a time. If the sequence list contains RNA sequences as well, they will not be converted.