Open view


Opening an element can be done in a number of ways:

        double-click an element in the Navigation Area

   or  select an element in the Navigation Area | Show or Ctrl + O (Image command_key_web + B on Mac)

Opening an element while another element is already open in the View Area will show the new element in front of the other. The element that was already open can be brought to front by clicking its tab.


Each element can be shown in different ways. A sequence, for example, can be shown as linear, circular, text, etc.

For example, to see a linear sequence in a circular view, open the sequence as linear in the View Area and

        Click Show As Circular (Image circular) at the lower left part of the view

The buttons used for switching views are shown in figure 2.3. They are element-dependent, meaning that different elements may have different buttons available. You can switch from one to the other sequentially by clicking Ctrl + Shift + PageUp or Ctrl + Shift + PageDown.

Image switcheditorbuttons-genomics
Figure 2.3: The buttons shown at the bottom of a view of a nucleotide sequence. You can click the buttons to change the view to a circular view or a history view.

Split views

If the sequence is already open in a linear view (Image sequence), and you wish to see both a circular and a linear view, you can split the views very easily:

        Press Ctrl (Image command_key_web on Mac) while you | Click Show As Circular (Image circular) at the lower left part of the view

This will open a split view with a linear view at the bottom and a circular view at the top (see 11.5).

You can also show a circular view of a sequence without opening the sequence first:

        Select the sequence in the Navigation Area | Show (Image open_file_or_folder_16_n_p) | As Circular (Image circular)